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About MarshallJay.Com

Thank You for visiting, YOU are appreciated!

This site, as many do, started life as one idea and then slowly changed into something else. Right now, this site is all about Bitcoins. Well actually, their smaller parts called Satoshi, how to get Satoshi FREE, legal, and how to get Satoshi FAST!

Advertisers are dying to share the revenue they earn from you, with you, but in the form of FREE Satoshi. I will walk you through the process of getting yourself setup, and in the position to possibly make a few bucks worth of FREE Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency to get your collection started.

I am working on the coding for a list of all the free crypto sources that are legit and paying. The list has timers and checkboxes and refreshes and makes noise when claims are ready. It is awesome. It is a work in progress. Members can make a list of their own referral links on a profile page inside to promote if they want to.

I also am interested in how other marketers are making money online, so come in. Let’s chat a bit. Tell me what is working for you, and how I can make this site better. What is working, what is new, and what to avoid would all be things that I would want to chat about with you inside MarshallJay.Com.

I have a Social Game that has been in my head for years now, and development needs to continue when I am gone. If nobody knows my concept, the project dies with me. I am looking to hand this whole business off to the most interested party involved when that time comes. So let’s help each other out by teaming up to plan and execute good ideas into successful completion together.

This web space, one more, and a bunch of great web domain names are paid for, but remain unused. What a waste. Show me how to change those into cash, I will share the proceeds with you.

What ye think? The Registration button below contains my invitation code to help you get started now.
Again, you are appreciated, thank you for visiting, and I look forward to meeting with you inside MarshallJay.Com – From A World Created Only Of Pure Imagination!

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