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What Happens When Bitcoin Price Hits Bottom?

All I can say about bitcoin so far is, WOW what a ride it has been! You see, if you were able to gather even just a small little bit of bitcoin in it’s infancy phase, you probably didn’t even have to pay for it. What? Yeah free bitcoin. It seemed that for a bit of time free bitcoin was everywhere.

So here we have bitcoin, a brand-new free to get, that offers secure and private transactions, totally decentralized and monetized “E-Coin” or “E-Token” and all of the financial bookkeeping tools and plans needed to secure the trade, possession and storage of the asset all in a futuristic digital cloud formation.

So you see, bitcoin is inspired by an idea where you trade “value” without the need for a government controlled structure that prints, insures, taxes and ultimately controls the commercial and private flow as well as manipulation of it’s value

was made as idea that it is the peoples money, whereas other currency is controlled by the government .

Why to give away free bitcoin?

Friday April 14th 2017 bitcoin price fell from about $1152.00 down to $0.06 and then went right back up causing pretty big attention to itself. This is about the spot in the bitcoin timeline that I decided to get myself involved, as I am after all, a total dork-nerd-geek when it comes to trendy financial tech.

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